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What Are the Common Procedures for Repairing Antminer L3+ Hash Board?

Common repair process 1. Routine inspection: First of all, visually inspect the hash board to be repaired to observe whether there is any displacement, deformation, or scorching of the small heat sink? If any, you must deal with it first; if the small heat sink is displaced, remove it first, wash off the original glue, and re-adhesive after the repair is passed. Secondly, after the visual inspection is no problem, the impedance of each voltage domain can be tested first to detect whether there is a short circuit or an open circuit. If found, it must be dealt with first. Thirdly, check whether the voltage of each voltage domain reaches 0.8V, and the voltage difference of each voltage domain shall not exceed 0.05V. If the voltage of a certain voltage domain is too high or too low, the circuits in the adjacent voltage domain generally have abnormal phenomena. Need to investigate the reason first. 2. After the routine test is no problem (the short-circuit test of the general routine test i
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How to Check And Replace Miner Fan and Power Supply fan?

 How to check and replace miner fan and Power supply fan? Miner fan or PSU fan is almost the most vulnerable component because of the continuous work of miners. High-strength and high-speed working methods can easily cause damage to its bearings and internal coils. When the fan is damaged, the miner or PSU will lose heat dissipation and cannot work or damage the chip. Therefore, regular inspection and replacement of bad fans is an essential job of maintaining miners. Both ASIC miners and GPU miners use a large number of cooling fans. Depending on the device model, the fan specifications used are also different. Normally, the most common fan sizes are: 4cm, 6cm, 12cm, 14cm. The standard voltage is 12V, the current is 0.27A to 7.2A, and the power cord is 2 to 6 pins. The specific size of the fan to be selected needs to be determined according to the device. When these fans fail, it isn't easy to detect from the appearance because one piece of equipment is equipped with 2 to 4 fans. W
How to Choose A Suitable Replacement for the Bitcoin Mining Rig Chip? Since the birth of cryptocurrency, people have begun to use all kinds of equipment to mine, from the simple preference at the beginning to the later profit, and use it as a profession. From desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, GPUs to professional ASIC miners, people have been trying more efficient mining methods. Finally, GPU miners and ASIC miners have become the main tools for mining cryptocurrencies with highly high hash rates and energy consumption ratios. Among them, ASIC miners have a share of about 70%. It is a huge market, including manufacturers, sellers, miners, and maintenance personnel. The ASIC miner concentrates a large number of ASIC chips on a circuit board. Its name is "Hash Board." Depending on the model, a hash Board will load dozens of ASIC chips. They are similar to those of a computer. The CPU is responsible for calculating the hash value in the blockchain. A mining mac
How to Use Tools to Repair the Hash Board? At present, there are practitioners engaged in cryptocurrency mining all over the world, including large farms, scattered individuals, and team-based farms. In all mining forms, ASIC miners account for a large proportion. ASIC miners will generate high temperatures during long-term operation, while ASIC chips will gradually age in high-temperature environments, reduce performance, and fail to start. At this time, we must replace the damaged chip in the hash board. Usually, there are dozens of ASIC chips in a hash board, and only 1-2, or 2-3 of them may be damaged. Then, how to accurately find these damaged chips has become a common problem encountered by repairers. In 2017, people almost all used oscilloscopes to find these bad chips, but for beginners, the use of oscilloscopes undoubtedly increased the difficulty of learning to repair. Because of this, the miner manufacturer has developed a professional Hash board testing equipment: test fixt
How to Use Antminer BM1387 Tin Tool to Replace Damaged Chips? In the repair work of the h ash board, the most common problem is to replace the ASIC chip, which  is the most easily damaged part of the h ash board. In this article, I will use A ntminer as an example to show my friends how to use Antminer BM1387  tin tools to replace damaged chips?  Although there are many chip models, most of the pin positions and sizes are the same. ASIC chips are usually small in size and the pins are arranged closely, which brings great difficulty to maintenance and replacement. Because when replacing a new ASIC chip, it is necessary to accurately apply solder paste on each tiny pin, then heat it to melt, and finally fix it on the h ash board. For how to solve this problem, after various attempts, we finally chose a convenient and efficient way: making professional tin tools (ASIC tin tools). Its principle is to fix the chip on the base, then use a special steel mesh to align the pins of the chip, and
The 2020 Year in Review: Major Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Accidents If 2019 can be summed up as a wild journey, then 2020 will be totally unreasonable. Let's review these events in more depth to see what happened and how we can learn from them as an industry. The following is a list of major security incidents in 2020. However, we will not list all the accidents one by one because there are too many. The first quarter of 2020: Story: Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex issues a password reset warning. Summary: Poloniex issued a PSA statement regarding their email in late December 2019, stating that after posting a list of email addresses and passwords on a tweet, some users were forced to reset their passwords. Story: YouTube account hijacked for cryptocurrency fraud. Summary: Although this is not a new method of fraud, more and more people are using pre-recorded encrypted currency incident clips to hijack YouTube accounts and broadcast fake cryptocurrency coupons. Story: After a $5
CCTV's report on Bitcoin means it is about to peak? CCTV Finance Channel mentioned Bitcoin again. For example, it said that Tesla’s income from investing in Bitcoin for one month exceeds the income from selling cars for one year. It is a bit scary to think about it. Just buy and hold BTC. The rate of return unexpectedly exceeded the income of his main business. According to an agency analysis, Tesla made nearly $1 billion in book profits through Bitcoin last month, which has exceeded the proceeds from the sale of electric vehicles last year. It’s true that not only Tesla benefited from investing in Bitcoin, but there are also many listed companies hoarding Bitcoin that have made a lot of money from Bitcoin. Judging from the current price of BTC, whether it is Bitcoin purchased at any time before, if you have been holding it and have not sold it, it will be profitable now, that is, BTC does not have any hold-up disks, which is something that no financial investment product can do. M