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BTC may hit new highs during Christmas and bring surprises  Bitcoin's performance in late December is as stable as that of Taishan Mountain. Although many people in the market expect that Bitcoin will not reach new highs and fall during the Christmas holidays, we see that Bitcoin continues to be high and sideways this week. The incident still cannot have an impact on Bitcoin . Therefore, as the market anticipates the "holiday effect" adjustments that appear before the holidays, the currency circle is not expected to be too risky during this weekend. Thursday, December 24, is Christmas Eve, a traditional Western holiday. The Anglo-European trade agreement finally declared victory after nine months of difficult negotiations. At the same time, the conclusion of the trade agreement marked the complete departure of the UK, the second-largest economy in Europe, from the European Union dominated by Germany and France. The regional joint framework established after World War II w
Bitcoin hit an all-time high, and the miners made a profit! Inventory of 10 major events affecting the mining circle this year Suddenly, it was the month of year-end summary. The Oxford Dictionary, one of the most comprehensive and authoritative English dictionaries in the contemporary era, publishes its annual vocabulary every year. But this year, it has said that it has never selected a suitable word to describe 2020. From the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of the year to the bushfires in Australia. From anti-ethnic demonstrations in the United States to the US election, there have been so many things worth remembering in 2020. In the blockchain industry, there have also been many major events in 2020 that deserve careful review in the future. In today's article, Zeus will first lead everyone to take stock of 9 things that have a relatively large impact on the group of miners. 1.  312 P lunge Under the combined effect of multiple factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, high le

Antminer APW9 and APW9+ Power Supply Repair Guide

Antminer APW9 and APW9+ Power Supply Repair Guide Apw9 Apw9+ is a high-power PSU with 2 single-phase AC inputs and 2   DC outputs. 1: 14.5v-21v voltage adjustable output, maximum current 170A 2: 12v voltage fixed output, maximum current 12A The circuit board layout is mainly divided into: 1A - The first AC input and EMI circuit 1B - PFC and MOS circuit 1C - 12V auxiliary circuit and VCC circuit 2A -  2nd AC input and EMI circuit 2B - PFC and MOS circuit 2C - 12V auxiliary circuit and VCC circuit 2D - 12V output port and PIC communication port   The vulnerable parts of PSU are: fuse, MOS, rectifier bridge A more detailed circuit diagram is provided in the document for  Reference See more details here  Antminer manuals and repair guide

Antminer s9 profitability

Antminer S9 profitability Now, Cause of Antminer s9 hash rate when we use it to mining SHA-256 cryptocurrency the profit is getting very low, but if your electricity cost is very cheap, I think this miner is your best choice for mining bitcoin. S9 here is a series including S9 S9K S9J S9se etc. but even them the profit is low too, but as I said the electricity cost and this ASIC miner price is the thing you need to consider this miner suitable us or not. How to get Antminer s9 warranty service and repair parts For now, the Bitmain company stops maintenance of Antminer s9 series miners, but this is not a major thing because you can purchase the ASIC miner parts and repair service and tools from us or other places. About Antminer s9 overclock firmware program So, we have the cheap electricity bill and repair warranty now. what do we do for now? the overclock firmware! You can buy it or download it for free. The most important thing is don’t be hacked. Many download firmware program