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CCTV's report on Bitcoin means it is about to peak?

CCTV Finance Channel mentioned Bitcoin again. For example, it said that Tesla’s income from investing in Bitcoin for one month exceeds the income from selling cars for one year. It is a bit scary to think about it. Just buy and hold BTC. The rate of return unexpectedly exceeded the income of his main business.

According to an agency analysis, Tesla made nearly $1 billion in book profits through Bitcoin last month, which has exceeded the proceeds from the sale of electric vehicles last year.

It’s true that not only Tesla benefited from investing in Bitcoin, but there are also many listed companies hoarding Bitcoin that have made a lot of money from Bitcoin. Judging from the current price of BTC, whether it is Bitcoin purchased at any time before, if you have been holding it and have not sold it, it will be profitable now, that is, BTC does not have any hold-up disks, which is something that no financial investment product can do.

MicroStrategy, a listed company, has benefited a lot from investing in Bitcoin and has repeatedly financed purchases. MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings have not only made considerable gains but also boosted the price of its own company's stock, which has risen many times within half a year.

For a listed company, a certain amount of cash reserves is necessary. According to the current speed of printing money by central banks all over the world, the listed company will have to bear a certain amount of inflation loss every year when holding this part of the cash. So this part of the capital is also inclined in the investment and financial management of higher returns. Some companies have purchased real estate, especially in the past ten years, housing prices in our country have risen rapidly. If a listed company owns a large number of real estate, the income will be more than that of the main business of the company if it sells a few units a year. It is the same as a listed company holding Bitcoin. It is nothing more than high-quality assets. If the company's main business declines, at least some high-quality assets can be sold to support the company's operations.

It is more than just a company. For us, we should try our best to "go to work + invest." If We have high-quality assets in our hands, even if we make little money at work, at least we have high-quality assets that can be money, we will be more confident in our heart.

For most ordinary people, it is not possible to make a lot of money just by going to work. I think the "work + investment" route is suitable for most ordinary people, even if you live in a third-tier or even an 18-tier city. You can make money by investing, and investment products like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very suitable for us. As long as you get it right, as long as you are optimistic about it in the long term, you can use a portion of your salary income to invest in Bitcoin or other high-quality cryptocurrencies every month. After a few years of precipitation, your income will far exceed the People around you.

For CCTV’s report on Bitcoin, some friends think it may be a signal that the market is peaking. After all, this is not the first time that CCTV has reported on Bitcoin in this wave of the market. I think the market will not peak so quickly. I will share my understanding.

First of all, the volatility of Bitcoin is not as large as before. Of course, this is mainly because more and more famous listed companies, university donation funds, and even insurance funds, pension funds, and other institutions have begun to enter the market relative to retail investors. In other words, these institutional investors will hold coins for a longer period. For Tesla, it should not sell so quickly, at least not as frequently as retail investors. Bitcoin itself accounts for it. The cash reserve is only about 10%. Besides, the main business is good, and there is no need to sell bitcoins to maintain operation. Therefore, institutional investors hold relatively longer periods. When more and more coin hoarding institutions begin to hoard bitcoins Currency, its price fluctuation range is not so large. For example, when it falls, it will not quickly fall by 40% as before.

Secondly, as long as Bitcoin is relatively strong, other currencies will be able to stay strong for a longer time. For other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin can be understood as the fundamentals. If Bitcoin does not plummet, the market will not end so quickly.

Take the BNB callback the day before yesterday. Even if BNB has pulled back by more than 20%, it seems that its influence is very limited, and it did not bring the market to collapse. The BNB callback has the most impact on the Binance Smart Chain. The currency of the BSC sector, other currencies such as the ETH sector and the Polkadot sector, seem to have risen. We must know that in the cryptocurrency industry, BNB's market value ranking is already second only to BTC and ETH, and its share in the total global cryptocurrency market value is getting larger and larger but even if BNB has such an industry position, it is plummeting. At that time, the impact seemed to be only partial, and the impact on the market was not significant.

Moreover, BNB quickly rebounded in the past two days, and the price recovered quickly. For BTC, the price has continued to break through the previous high. The second market value of ETH is also relatively strong, although the increase is small and the increase is slow. But it is moving forward steadily, which shows that the current market is indeed very good and strong. Even if the price has a callback (a callback is bound to happen), the decline is not very large.

Therefore, if the market is peaking and it is about to collapse, I think it is likely to start from the BTC crash, but it seems that the overall market is improving now, and it may be too early to talk about the collapse. Even if there are some unexpected bad events, it looks like Bitcoin's good market can also be quickly digested.

Let’s take a look at the views of some domestic media on Bitcoin. The words are much milder than before. We can feel that there are fewer and fewer voices saying that Bitcoin is a scam, and the tolerance for Bitcoin is becoming more and more. There are many. In fact, not only in China but also abroad, some bigwigs have also changed their views on Bitte. For example, recently Bill Gates no longer sings about Bitcoin but takes a neutral attitude.

Of course, the above is just my personal opinion. Maybe what I said is wrong, but investment still needs to have its independent judgment and make decisions based on your judgment on the market. 


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