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How to Choose A Suitable Replacement for the Bitcoin Mining Rig Chip?

Since the birth of cryptocurrency, people have begun to use all kinds of equipment to mine, from the simple preference at the beginning to the later profit, and use it as a profession. From desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, GPUs to professional ASIC miners, people have been trying more efficient mining methods. Finally, GPU miners and ASIC miners have become the main tools for mining cryptocurrencies with highly high hash rates and energy consumption ratios. Among them, ASIC miners have a share of about 70%. It is a huge market, including manufacturers, sellers, miners, and maintenance personnel. The ASIC miner concentrates a large number of ASIC chips on a circuit board. Its name is "Hash Board." Depending on the model, a hash Board will load dozens of ASIC chips. They are similar to those of a computer. The CPU is responsible for calculating the hash value in the blockchain. A mining machine usually contains three hash boards and has dozens or hundreds of ASIC chips. Depending on the miner's model, the ASIC chip used will also be different, and many repairers have doubts about the chip model. Today, we will take Antminer as an example to introduce some problems related to the classification and adaptation of ASIC chips.

Antminer spare parts

We know that the chip will generate heat during operation. With long-term, uninterrupted operation, the temperature will rise. Excessive temperature will easily cause the chip to fail or be damaged. At this time, we can only replace the damaged chip to allow the miner is working normally. After we remove the ASIC chip, its surface is usually covered with a layer of solid thermal conductive glue or solder paste. At this time, it will be difficult for us to distinguish the chip model.

Antminer ASIC chip

Besides, when people order spare parts, they may not distinguish the corresponding ASIC chip models correctly, and the inventory of some models is already minimal. The market may be out of stock at any time. Therefore, we need to use other types of chips instead. After testing and verification, we found that some different types of ASIC chips can replace the original chips. For example, Antminer S17 can share three types of ASIC chips. Now, we will post the verified results in this article so that the repairer can find the correct ASIC chip as soon as possible and accurately.

BM 1387 chip

First, we take BM1387B as an example. Its original applicable miner models are Antminer T9+ and S9, S9i. After testing and verification, we found that it is also suitable for S9j and S9k and can run well after replacement.

BM 1387B chip
Then, we tested Antminer S17, S17+, S17pro, T17, and T17+ hash boards, respectively. We found that these types of hash boards can mix the following three types of ASIC chips: BM1397AG, BM1397AI, and BM1397AD. It should be noted that the number of mixed-use of each hash board should not be too much. Usually, it is no problem to replace 5-6 different types of ASIC chips. It is beneficial when the ASIC chip resources are insufficient! Therefore, if your miner is of the above models, you only need to purchase one of the three chips.

BM1397 AD chip
We have rearranged Antminer's chip comparison table for reference:

Antminer Chip Application table

Chip model

Applicable miner


L3 L3+ L3++






T9 T9+ S9 S9I S9J S9K






S15 T15


S17e T17e


S17 S17+ S17Pro T17 T17+


S19 S19Pro


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