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How to inspect and repair inductors? The magnetic rod inductors or magnetic loop inductors in the circuit board are mainly used in various power supply circuits. The magnetic rod/magnetic ring inductor can be measured with a digital multimeter or a pointer multimeter. For accurate measurement, the inductor can be measured with an open circuit. Use a digital multimeter to detect the inductor in the circuit board: (1)  First, disconnect the power supply of the circuit board, and then observe the magnetic bar inductor to be tested to see if the inductor is damaged, whether it is burnt, soldered, or the coil is deformed. If there is, the inductor has been damaged. The figure below shows a magnetic bar inductor to be tested. (2)  If the appearance of the magnetic rod inductor to be tested is not damaged, solder the magnetic toroidal inductor to be tested from the circuit board with an electric soldering iron, and clean the pins at both ends of the magnetic toroidal inductor, and clean the r