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The 2020 Year in Review: Major Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Accidents If 2019 can be summed up as a wild journey, then 2020 will be totally unreasonable. Let's review these events in more depth to see what happened and how we can learn from them as an industry. The following is a list of major security incidents in 2020. However, we will not list all the accidents one by one because there are too many. The first quarter of 2020: Story: Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex issues a password reset warning. Summary: Poloniex issued a PSA statement regarding their email in late December 2019, stating that after posting a list of email addresses and passwords on a tweet, some users were forced to reset their passwords. Story: YouTube account hijacked for cryptocurrency fraud. Summary: Although this is not a new method of fraud, more and more people are using pre-recorded encrypted currency incident clips to hijack YouTube accounts and broadcast fake cryptocurrency coupons. Story: After a $5
CCTV's report on Bitcoin means it is about to peak? CCTV Finance Channel mentioned Bitcoin again. For example, it said that Tesla’s income from investing in Bitcoin for one month exceeds the income from selling cars for one year. It is a bit scary to think about it. Just buy and hold BTC. The rate of return unexpectedly exceeded the income of his main business. According to an agency analysis, Tesla made nearly $1 billion in book profits through Bitcoin last month, which has exceeded the proceeds from the sale of electric vehicles last year. It’s true that not only Tesla benefited from investing in Bitcoin, but there are also many listed companies hoarding Bitcoin that have made a lot of money from Bitcoin. Judging from the current price of BTC, whether it is Bitcoin purchased at any time before, if you have been holding it and have not sold it, it will be profitable now, that is, BTC does not have any hold-up disks, which is something that no financial investment product can do. M
  BTC = 1/10 gold Since the birth of Bitcoin, one of the most popular nicknames is "digital gold." It is not Bitcoin's willingness. It is mainly people's understanding of new things. It is always necessary to link to familiar things to understand better. For example, the label born of the iPhone is not a "mobile internet terminal," but a "touch screen phone"; the same is true for 5G. Fast 4G", everything is better understood. So after the birth of Bitcoin, how will people want to better understand it? Some people think of the word "digital gold," a great word that gives people who have never been in touch with Bitcoin the most preliminary understanding of Bitcoin: it is a new type of gold that exists on the Internet. But the people who gave Bitcoin the nickname "digital gold" must have never imagined that Bitcoin could one day be on par with gold. When many people are not aware of it, the total market value of Bitcoin has r
BTC may hit new highs during Christmas and bring surprises  Bitcoin's performance in late December is as stable as that of Taishan Mountain. Although many people in the market expect that Bitcoin will not reach new highs and fall during the Christmas holidays, we see that Bitcoin continues to be high and sideways this week. The incident still cannot have an impact on Bitcoin . Therefore, as the market anticipates the "holiday effect" adjustments that appear before the holidays, the currency circle is not expected to be too risky during this weekend. Thursday, December 24, is Christmas Eve, a traditional Western holiday. The Anglo-European trade agreement finally declared victory after nine months of difficult negotiations. At the same time, the conclusion of the trade agreement marked the complete departure of the UK, the second-largest economy in Europe, from the European Union dominated by Germany and France. The regional joint framework established after World War II w
Bitcoin hit an all-time high, and the miners made a profit! Inventory of 10 major events affecting the mining circle this year Suddenly, it was the month of year-end summary. The Oxford Dictionary, one of the most comprehensive and authoritative English dictionaries in the contemporary era, publishes its annual vocabulary every year. But this year, it has said that it has never selected a suitable word to describe 2020. From the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of the year to the bushfires in Australia. From anti-ethnic demonstrations in the United States to the US election, there have been so many things worth remembering in 2020. In the blockchain industry, there have also been many major events in 2020 that deserve careful review in the future. In today's article, Zeus will first lead everyone to take stock of 9 things that have a relatively large impact on the group of miners. 1.  312 P lunge Under the combined effect of multiple factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, high le